I am troubleshooting this as a favor to another community access station in the area I occasionally work with. Before you dismiss the problem with the easy suggestion to just use a different camera, know the total budgets we work with at many of our local stations is only about $50,000-80,000. Most of that goes into payroll and we can only replace equipment every few years with grants. So, these Panasonic AG-HMC70 and HMC80 cameras are what they have to work with.

So the problem is that there is a heavy magenta colored cast in the video signal when using the HMC70 or HMC80, sent to in of Atomos Ninja Blade, out to AJA HDMI to HD-SDI converter, out to Tricaster 460 production switcher. It has the look of using component video without all the colors connected.

If I remove the Ninja Blade from the chain, the cast is gone. If I use a different model of camera, the cast is gone. If I send the HD-SDI signal to a external monitor or a Broadcast Pix production switcher, the cast is gone. I have tried LOTS of different settings on the cameras and the Tricaster with no success.

Now I'm no broadcast technician and I don't have any formal training in broadcast. I've just been doing this for a while now and I have a knack for technical stuff and troubleshooting. I'm the best hope these small local stations have and I'm stumped. Please help if you can.

To help the cameramen, I've been bringing my personal external on-camera monitors lately when I've been working with them directing the high school football games. I'd prefer to figure this out and stop putting my own gear at risk. And when I'm not there with my gear, they are stuck using the tiny 2" flip out LCD's on the side of the camera.

Here's a link to a hastily made video I made with my crappy cell phone late last night. I do apologize for the poor quality, but I worked a LONG day and I'm doing this troubleshooting as a favor. I just didn't have it in me to film it right.

FYI, I'll be posting this in Atomos, AJA, and Tricaster forums that I may find.

Thanks in advance for any help,