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As the AC90 is now discontinued the question may have been answered for the OP BUT I have an AC90 (very nice camera) and now need a second camera.
I have thought to get a second (cheap) AC90 to have 2 identical systems but then thought make my current AC90 the second camera. So what is a logical replacement /upgrade for an AC90? (at a similar or *slightly* higher price point. The new HCX1 did cross my mind.

Would the HC-X1 be a good option or are there other /better options?
I believe the UX 90 is the 4K replacment for the AC90. And the other replacement is AC30.

Don't know how difficult it will be to match the AC90 with either of those newer cameras. Ease of matching is worth something if you plan on using two cameras together a lot. The AC90A is cheap used now, but those newer cameras are better.

I personally am planning to get the HC-X1. It probably won't match any of my existing cameras but it will provide affordable 4K, dual record and a wide, long zoom...all of which I need.