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    First experience with 7D Mark II
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    I went out for the first time in quite a long while to local high school FB game and took my new (to me) 7D Mark II. I wanted to see how well the auto-focus system works-- I realize there's a multitude of settings. I used the defaults. I shot about 400 or so shots. Weeded through them and basically only deleted the ones that were completely out of focus. These were all taken with the 7D Mark II and the original 70-200L IS 2.8 (not the II). Overall I was happy with the 7D performance although I will be tweaking the focus settings once I get the time to fully understand them. CC welcomed.

    Some of the keepers:
    20150918_190115 - 0164 - Avon vs Midview - Varsity Football_LowRes.jpg20150918_190203 - 0171 - Avon vs Midview - Varsity Football_LowRes.jpg20150918_191415 - 0225 - Avon vs Midview - Varsity Football_LowRes.jpg20150918_191415 - 0228 - Avon vs Midview - Varsity Football_LowRes.jpg20150918_191459 - 0239 - Avon vs Midview - Varsity Football_LowRes.jpg20150918_200133 - 0459 - Avon vs Midview - Varsity Football_LowRes.jpg20150918_200134 - 0461 - Avon vs Midview - Varsity Football_LowRes.jpg

    The full gallery here:

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    Are we talking about stills photography 65 point phase-detection AF system (which is known to be the best AF system there is, slightly exceeding 1DX and all Nikon, Sony, panasonic, samsung AF systems in speed, tracking, accuracy and lowlight)

    OR, are talking about Dual-pixel AF shooting video? (Which would be the adequate subject for posting on a video site)

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    I have to agree with Jordan, a lot of these shots do look rather soft. It even took me a while to reailse these were stills and not frame grabs. The only photo that really looks sharp is the 2nd-last one.

    I don't think it's due to focus accuracy or even lens sharpness wide open though. What shutterspeed were you shooting at?
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