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    T3i w/cinestyle va 6D
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    Hey guys, I gotta do a short film for my class. I own the t3i but I can get a loan of the 6D with the 24-105L for free. But I don't know which would be better. The 6D for the low light and full frame or the t3i since I have cinestyle and magic lantern on it. The short film I'll be doing is a horror film. It'll have some night scenes and day scenes so I'm pretty confused on which setup would be best for this.

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    Do you have lighting support?

    Honestly, it doesn't really matter which camera you use if you light it right.
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    Apart from the articulating screen and ML focus aids, The 6D is a just a better camera.

    So if you can shoot with it, I see no reason not to (and you can easily install Cinestyle on it in under a minute)

    The major 6D benefit is lowlight shooting which I believe is quite key for horror style shooting. At 12800 ISO it looks like 3200 ISO on the 600D. 6D is the best lowlight performer in Canon line up even 5DIII.

    Keep in mind, the F/4 zoom is quite dark, so for ultimate lowlight shooting use a 50mm f/1.8

    Use this: 6D + 24-105mm f4 L for day shots, wide shots, handheld shots (IS) + a 50mm F1.8 for extreme lowlight and the incredible shallow depth of field shots we call the ''FF LOOK''. You're covered this way.

    Remember that just because you can shoot inside a dark room at f/1.8 at 12800 ISO and get extremely bright clean images, it doesn't mean you don't using lighting for creative aesthetics. Stylized Lighting strong backlights, dark shadows, etc is EXTREMELY important for horror pieces.

    **If 6D is not available, a 600D + 18-55mm IS can substitute the 6D+24-105 for the previously mentioned kit. It's worse (noisier image, worse codec, deeper DOF) but still very good for your class/1080p youtube.

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