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    Hpx 250 Scene file frame rate question! Pls help
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    So I recently got a really good deal on a used hpx250 and I am still learning how to use it (first professional camera). I am trying to set scene file 1 to avc intra100 with 60i and scene file 2 with avc intra 100 with 24p, but everytime I switch it on one it changes both of them to either 60i or 24p. Probably a simple problem but I am lost. Thanks!


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    So you need the book to help you. This book came with the camera when you got it in the US awhile ago. Or you can use the online manual. After reading this book, you will understand all you need to know to be able to use this camera. Hope this helps.
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    I haven't used the HPX250 in a long time (so I may be wrong), but I think you may not be able to save certain settings like framerate, shutter speed, etc. in the scene files. But Barry's book is definitely need to read it.

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