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    tips for using Century Optics Xtreme Fisheye
    I recently purchased an HVX with Schnieder Optics Xtreme fisheye and i wondering if there were any good tutorials on there or suggestions that people had for what settings to use/avoid when using this fisheye. I know from using other camera's to try to keep the sun behind you to keep the image from getting blown out and the shadows from blocking the shot. I was wondering if anybody had advice for getting the more clear image while using this lense. Typically what i've done so far is zoom the camera all the way out, mount the fisheye, and then use the Focus Assist button on the front of the camera.
    Are there any particular camera settings on the hvx i need to avoid while using this lense?



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    For how much it cost you? I need that too and just finding about the best offer.
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