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    Anyone doing Multi-map texturing? Yikes? :)
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    Out of the way first: I wish I was as busy at this as I used to be. (And yes still working on projects)That said...

    Is it just me or has texturing now become a bigger pain in the ass?

    I used to just texture the color map and make a bump,spec,displacement,normal map, whatever based off the color channel using photoshop.

    Now, I've downloaded some textures that include all of the seperate maps.
    The actually look great in render. New problem is...

    ...texturing using all of the maps simutaneoulsly. [specifically, color,bump/displace,spec ]
    I know PS now allows recording the Tools for playbeck but ofcourse the Clone Tool has a bug that creates an inaccurate offset.

    Yes there is another way around that using masks as an offset, copying the masks for each layer, and....lollll.

    ...But foooook. Just when I was getting comfy everything had to get that much more complicated for a do-it-yourselfer.
    It just never seems to end. hahahaha.

    Anyone else into this muti-map texturing method yet?

    //edit: And yes, lol. it is animation related as this is my one stop site for all things video/film related.
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