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    is anyone know how to do these transitions ?
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    Is anyone know how to do these transitions in Adobe Premiere ?

    1st transition at 1 sec = the frame is moving from up to down and the image becomes orange.
    2nd transition at 7 sec = the frame becomes whites then normal, then white.

    Those are nice effects for gym work.

    Thanks in advance,
    I would highly appreciate an answer,
    Have a good day,

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    Hard to say for sure how they did it, but effects like that can be done with Digieffects Damage

    You might also be able to do it with built in effects if you want to spend a bunch of time key frameing effects.
    Matt Sorrels

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    The video is gone now so no idea - but once you get away from basic NLE filters, After Effects is often the best way to go, and it's integrated with Premiere so the workflow should be fine (and you "own" it if you've got a cloud account). It's usually the best tool for bigger jobs and it comes just packed with effects.

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