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    Recommended Stabilizer?
    I've been eyeing this Glide Gear DNA 6001 Vest and Arm Stabilization Kit to use with my C100 - largely for music videos and documentary work.

    Is there anything else within this price range that can compete? Or any experience with this or other stabilizers?

    I figure I'll need a vest because I want to shoot for more than a couple minutes at a time, so a Glidecam HD 2000/4000 likely won't suffice.

    Any help welcomed.

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    Personally, I try not to purchase anything right before NAB, but because traditional stabilizers are dying you are probably safe. Steadicam pilot prices have plummeted in the past 10 months as more and more 3 axis gimbal based stabilizers hit the market. I purchased my full vest/arm pilot for $3,500 in 2013 and sold it for $1,600 in 2014. If you watch ebay and various film forums closely you might be able to snag one for under $1,500.

    I know this is double the price of the glide gear, but steadicam is a very good brand and the pilot is a professional level stabilizer. IMO, you should save up another $900 and get something you will be happy with for several years.

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