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    Black Magic Design recently bought Fusion and you can download the basic version of Fusion for FREE.


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    I'd say - if you want to end up at the professional level - decide if you want to be a 3D guy or a compositor.

    You can learn a lot with AE - you and everyone else on the planet. Same with Blender (which would get you conceptually into 3D but I doubt is a tool used much on the pro level).

    I'd contact every FX house you can find and ask what they feel the future is, what skills will be needed, etc. You might make some contacts, and you may be surprised.

    That's how most every major makeup effects guy working today got started - by calling up Stan Winston and the like, and ending up interning.

    My son's interning at a big animation studio that does several adult swim shows - he a great animator and now he's learning how it's done at the high end (surprise, they use SketchUp to design their backgrounds...)

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    Blackmagic Resolve for editing, color and finishing
    Blackmagic Fusion for compositing and a lots of effects
    Blender for 3d effects and not only
    All free with professional workflow. There are many others like nuke, Modo, Maya etc that have student ediction but i don't know exatcly the limits of everywhere, specially about diffusion of your work. When you work with BMD free or blender you not have limits.

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    Also, don't forget houdini which has a free apprentice version.
    But I would start with after effects which will give you the most bang for the buck. Blender/houdini/fusion etc will require more time investment.

    Lastly, I would not be in a rush to spend money on the foundry products as the above will do everything you need.

    Edit: maya has a student version but again don't really need if you have blender, etc.

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    I'd guess the OP has it sorted out by now as this thread is 2 years old.

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    Probably so but if anyone new comes across this updated info isn't a bad thing.

    My $0.02 is that I would in his shoes go with the Blackmagic Designs software. The reason is that along with being free, for his use, it works in the same node based system as the high end software he wanted to learn. After Effects has a tone of tutorials and a lot of users but it is a track based system and all the high end VFV apps are node based. I am really familiar with Protools (DAW) so track based came naturally but switching to node based was a very big change in thinking. So If your plan is to end up working with node based I would start that way because very little of what you learn in AE will translate to node based systems.

    that works in reverse also. If you are headed to working in AE then it will make life harder if you spend a bunch of time in node based. THey approach the same problems in very different ways.

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    Here's a whole bunch of tutorials showing how to do VFX with Natron, which is an open source clone of Nuke. Fusion isn't as widely used anymore as they like you to believe, most of the big houses use Nuke. So if you learn Natron, you'll pretty much learn Nuke.

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