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    Here is the picture of my fs7 hélix rig, lighter as possible. Everything is powered by v-mount battery. Here is settings i put in BGC software.
    DSC01976.jpghelix 2.56B2.jpg

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    00000.00_27_00_10.Image fixe002.jpg
    lighter with A7RII and very good AF with Batis 25mm. Everything is powered by Hélix battery.
    I asked to sony why when we plug smallHD monitor we can't use face detection in 4K. I hope sony can resolve this via firmware.
    I use same BGC software setting than FS7 without any problems.
    For powering A7RII i removed lemo protection of hélix NP-FW50 to 2 pin connector dongle because there isn't enought space to plug it. Make shure you nerver inverse polarity. (white cable on red dot optional power plugs).
    00000.00_01_39_21.Image fixe003.jpg
    00000.00_02_45_20.Image fixe001.jpg
    here a litle test with A7RII AF + Face detection:
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonbrooks View Post
    Sure thing, apologies for doubting your authenticity. Could you post some photos of your Omniview setup with the FS7?



    Sorry for the delay, i have been busy and didn't check the forum. i took a quick Picture of the gimbal and my FS7, i didnt set up the Follow focus and Monitor but u can see there is enough space to for a lot of stuff on it. The gimbal has a joystick on it and has built in Bluetooth to control it wireless using your phone. i dont tend to use those features my self as im a one man show but if you have a team i could see it come in handy. The gimbal uses 3S Lipo batteries, i have a bunch of 3200Mah which tent to give me about 5-6 hours of run time. The company i got this gimbal from did mention with a 5000Mah you can get about 8-10 Hours of run time.
    In this case i used a big battery for the FS7 (BP-U90) but the smaller batteries seem to work fine as well.
    The gimbal uses SimpleBGC to program, so if your familiar with that program you can tune it to your liking. i have used simple BGC my self so i ended up making my own profile to better suit my needs in terms of speed and follow modes.

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    Another succeful setup with a Ronin M (Way lighter to carry around compare to Ronin full size) and also easier to drop in a bage.
    The right handle is the one from Sony, so you can control most of the camera order without the help of an second operator.

    Also, the top plate is modified, so the same handle can be use on the gimbal and on the camera for a very fast switch between configuration
    The screen also move from the camera to the top of the ronin. Only one screen, only one handle... lot of room in your bag!




    I have a plate to connect it to the vinten tripod without any need for switching it.


    You can follow the full description here.
    Most of the item come from smallrig, but other brand have similar setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clermond View Post
    Ronin itself has 4.2 kgs
    FS7 as shown with 16-70z plus SmallHD with single LP E-6 3.0kgs
    That would mean that you could potentially fly it on a Crane 2 IF it's not too long for the mounting point.... I know you can fly an FS5 on a Crane 2.

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