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    trouble with spanned clips from an NEX-6
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    AVID MC6.5 won't import them.
    It gets to the last one and reports an error.
    Both via AMA and direct import.

    AVID tends to get completely flummoxed with this, suggesting plug-ins and translating outside AVID. (None of which worked.) When last I spoke with them (I'm never convinced by what I hear, I'm sorry to say) the recommended work around was to transcode from the timeline with AMA-imported clips. But AMA isn't working with the clips either.

    AVID suggests that this brand new camera creates corrupt clips. I don't think so. Not 100% of the time.

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    Have you tried transcoding using something else? I have had success with problem files using Adobe Media Encoder, and even Quicktime. In my case the problem was dropped frames that caused a TC glitch that neither Avid MC or FCP7 or FCPX could deal with, and while it was in a spanned clip in my case its glitch occurred 18 minutes into a 54 minute total interview. Make sure you media is fast enough, and in the future get rid of the problem card.

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