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    On a single word basis, I've found English to be pretty limited. For instance, think of the word "love." How many other words are there for love? Affectionate? Not quite the same. Likes you a lot. No. And I could go on and on. I think what you have to do is really think about what you are trying to say and don't use just a substitute word because it might not even exist. You have to paint a picture. Therefore, you might need to use an analogy, simile, or metaphor. But be sure you don't use cliches because that will just look lazy. For instance, let's say you were looking for another word for "flat." You could go to and find perhaps 20 or so alternative words, but if you look at them, none of them are better than flat. Seriously, go check it out.

    So now you don't want to use flat or let's say flat just doesn't convey it, you might say something like "Flatter than a pancake." But that would be a cliche. So now you have to think and come up with a fresh way of saying it. Maybe "flatter than that bullfrog that didn't make it across the interstate." And that's the hard part of writing. Creating an image with words that conveys what you are really trying to say. You'd think it would be easy. But sadly, it's not and requires some thought and creativity. What I am really saying is that it is not a question of finding the right word---that word probably doesn't even exist because our language is limited. It is a question of finding the right combination of words, aka a sentence or phrase, that conveys the nuance and depth of what you are probably trying to say. There is no other word for love. Love is it. So you need to say it with more words than just one.
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