I'm starting a theater video project, and I am trying to pick the best MC7 workflow for the video I will be using.

This project started in 2007, using a Sony Z1 shooting 1080/50i HDV. The country I was shooting at is 50 HZ, so shooting at 50i saved me from having fluo flickering on some locations I was going to shoot at.

When I started I didn't know yet if this would ever be transferred to film, and in those times there were video projectors at film theaters. And transferring from 50i video to film was cheaper, less tricky and recommended by many transfer houses.

The project stopped for some time, and I went back to it last year, this time with the idea to make a theater doc feature with it. There were better cameras by then and I thought the Z1 was lacking on some areas, like a very deep DOF, due to its 1/3'' sensors. AS I planned to shoot more, I picked a Blackmagic Pocket to be my A camera, shooting ProRes, using the Z1 for close-ups.

I had already captured most of the HDV tapes, but now I questioned what direction should I go for. My Avid was MC7 now and there were more codecs to pick from. So I thought I had to take some decisions.

Some film & TV friends of mine definitely advise to go progressive, my prime target now is a film theater. That means 25p, so I would have to convert all my 50i stuff to 25p.

Now I would like to listen to you and listen to which workflow and codec and conversions might be better for me.