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    Network isolation for Avid Approved workstations?
    Does anyone using an Avid-approved workstation keep it isolated from a network?

    We just upgraded our edit bays with new Avid approved workstations. We are having issues with our PC's not working correctly (laggy, very long render times, freezing, blue screens), and the vendor who sold us the workstations are trying to say it's our fault because the workstations should be isolated and not have internet access and that "every edit house keeps their workstations isolated". Since our IT department uses an incredibly strong firewall and security system, hacking or virus issues wouldn't be an issue, so I'm guessing it's because Avid doesn't want you to update the OS or drivers. This seems like it will make workflow much slower having to transfer files from one PC to another for basic things like music & media downloads, and how are you supposed to update Avid WITHOUT a network connection?

    Does anyone have any insight on their edit house setup and workflow? I think our consultant to design our bays was far from knowledgeable
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