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    Behind the scenes of "Black Mass" starring Johnny Depp
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    I felt a little embarrassed about posting this here much earlier (Since it's a camera orientated site) since my video settings might have been off in some parts since I was fooling around and I had a lot of crazy pans and shakes. I also decided to keep all the bad shots in since I wanted to get these videos up as quickly as possible so I did very, very little editing. I was sort of doing it for fun and to add more content to my YouTube channel.

    I took some videos of the preparations from Tuesday to Friday. These 2 videos in particular are from Thursday and Friday, which were the days they were actually shooting the film. Johnny Depp as well as other actors appears in the video and I also have some shots of them acting. I had to zoom in all the way to get those. With all that said, what matters is that I got the footage. These are once and a lifetime shots so to speak. If you would like to see the 3 earlier videos, click here:

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