I have been reading these forums for some time now, but this is my first post.

I purchased my HMC-40 in early 2011. It's been great ever since! Has it been discontinued? B&H claims so, but sometimes they get it wrong!

Anyway, here is a short shot with one. I think it's a reaction to the shallow depth of field.... obsession.... Most shots are in very deep focus. -- It's also highly observational in style, which tends to break assumptions of how a film "should" be. In this case it was out of necessity --- The camera placement was limited with the placement of the lighting.

While I have no doubt a feature could be shot with it, I would really rather deal with a camera with just plain better base sensitivity!

Of course, this comes from the fact that I had shot a previous project with an HPX-500, which obviously what --- Requires 6 times less light? *Laughs.*

'Can't wait to see what Panasonic comes up with next in this price range. Or $500 more. -- No offense to them, but I don't mean the AC-90.