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    Need help finding actors
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    Hi all. I'm an art director for an electronics company in L.A. I am going to shoot a video ad and I need some actors. It is very low-budget, almost like a school project. Except it's for a big company. The ads will air on Youtube or other online means. This is the first of my ideas that I will present to the VP of marketing so that I can show him what's possible and therefore, continue creating ads. So I need some actors. I've placed a craigslist ad but that might prove to be shady. How can I find actors who won't turn out to be total nutjobs? (i can't bring total nutjobs into the office)


    - artbum

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    Audition people first, then you'll be able to discern whether or not they are "nut jobs." That's sort of denigrating. Just sayin'

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    You don't say where you're located, but first see if there are any actor resources in your area -- schools, theater departments, even modeling agencies.

    You also don't say the nature of your video. Is it like a commercial for your company? Or a short film? A feature? Comedy? Drama?

    If you have the kind of script and the kind of project that actors feel will benefit their resumes and demo reels, then you may not be limited to just actors who live in your area. On past projects -- both features and shorts -- I have had the good fortune to have found actors willing to travel at their own expense for a role, even if it was an unpaid role. It costs you nothing to try resources like,, and others.

    Good luck!
    David W. Richardson
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