Hi Jake. Will a combo of hdlink and free studio software recognize and convert dual avchd 3d files and do the 420 to 422 chroma upscale that used to happen earlier?

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I can still help with the non-GoPro branded products (downloading and activating, etc.) but they are no longer being sold. You can reach me via the CineForm support site with any questions about those.

Graham is correct that the conversion tools included in the Neo product-line are still included in the GoPro Studio Premium and Professional products.

Regarding transcoding...I use a combination of HDLink and the GoPro Studio application, depending on what my source files are. And I use GoPro Studio's EDIT room for color correction. Corrections made to clips there are automatically applied to those same clips on a Vegas (or Premiere timeline)...great workflow, if you ask me since there is no rendering involved. All corrections happen at the codec level.

Oliver - The GoPro webpage and GoPro Studio FREE are all about GoPro workflows. The Premium and Pro products include some more advanced features in the GoPro Studio application but for the most part they are really left-over from the CineForm era and of less interest to the majority of GoPro users. The two paid products may never make their way over to GoPro.com but they still exist at the CineForm website since that's where those more professional tools have always lived.

Hope that helps.