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    Best reliable GF2 patch ? or any patch for that matter
    Hi all . . . I'v had a trawl through the forums, and there does not seem to be a surfeit of info on GF2 hacks/ patches ?

    I'm only going to be using it as a C roll (other cams are GH2s), @ 720 50p, so don't need huge mbps . . just reliability and maybe +/- 40mbps . . . and able to somehow lock the shutter to 50fps

    I'm supposing this little camera does not do 1080 25p ?

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give. Top notch forum by the way.

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    HI . . . also does anyone have a patch that locks the auto ISO when recording video . . that auto ISO is awful !

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    I think i used flowmotion 2.But you need a very fast card (very fast).nothing we can do with ISO.I also used it as a C cam with my Gh4 and FZ1000.I find it too sharp for some scenes .I shoot 25p and drop it to a 1080p 24p timeline in preniere pro.

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