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    Thanks Barry, I will try and redo some tests then. For the record both were shot at identical 1/50th shutter speed. I don't recall the iris setting but pretty sure was the same for both shots. (This time will make a note.)

    But if that is the case, why would 50p and 25p look so different in quality?

    Will try and do some more tests ASAP anyway.

    Many thanks for your help it is much appreciated.

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    Keep a careful eye on the iris. If the iris is the same, they should look identical. I'm suspecting that for whatever reason, the iris was not the same. Either that, or the focus position was different. Those are the only two things I can think of that might account for the difference in the footage.

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    In the manual it says "25p is recorded as 50i". Could this be part of the problem?

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    Hi Barry and everyone,

    I am still struggling to get decent results out of this camera so I have finally had a moment to do a retest on the issue above.

    At 25p the image still looks really soft, especially on less defined edges like faces/features etc.

    I've tried shooting at 50p and then converting to a 25fps Pro Res 422 (as I need it to play in a 25fps timeline) and this actually looks sharper somehow, even though it's gone back down to 25.

    Here is a test to show the difference. Same settings for both shots, manual focus and exposure, , f6 and shutter 1/50, no filters, but the 50P converted to 25 looks considerably sharper, no? Still not great, but sharper.

    At the time of writing this is still processing so qual may improve soon!

    Why would it be better at 50p converted to 25, than 25p native?

    Is it something I am doing? Or is this a faulty camera?

    Also the left/right panning shots at both 25p and 50p at the end of the clips do seem kind of jittery, as if frames are missing, especially the 25p shot? This is even more pronounced when panning slightly zoomed in. What could be causing this? A separate issue maybe, but I need to get to the bottom of this too.

    I hope someone can help me get the best out of this camera. It doesn't seem that great at all to me but I am not very technical at all so maybe it's I'm doing something wrong?




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    There's nothing about this that makes sense... it should look identically sharp, if all other settings are the same.

    Can you try it in a more controlled setting? Like, tape a sheet of newspaper to the wall, with varying sizes of print on it, and then compare that with identical focus and iris and gain and shutter speed settings, locked off on a tripod, with the only thing changing being whether it's 1080/25p or 1080/50p?

    And you're not doing anything like de-interlacing in post, are you?

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    Thanks Barry, I will run that test for sure.

    With those tests with my daughter absolutely nothing changed apart from 50p/25p, but I will do the newspaper today too.

    No not doing anything in post just putting the two files through the same iOrgSoft AVCHD converter to make 25fps Pro Res 422s, so both have gone through exactly the same process.

    Will run some more tests and post back up.

    Thanks for helping me!

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    Just to chime in - I am also interested in seeing these results

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    Hi guys,

    here you go, a magazine page taped to the shed with different sized text.

    Same manual focus, same everything (altho may have knocked tripod position a mill or so going into menu to change to 50p) - both f6, 1/50th, but one at 50p one at 25p. Then converted to 25fps, but 25p way softer and a pretty poor image?

    Both have been converted to Pro Res 422 through the same converter at the same time/batch, iOrgSoft AVCHD Converter:

    I hope you can help me get to the bottom of it! :-))


    Mark, UK

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    I've got to believe it's the converter program you're using. It must be doing a de-interlace or something.

    Can you post the raw .MTS files of the magazine shots?

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    Hi Barry, but both files were done in the same batch at the same settings in the converter program.

    I will try and upload the .MTS files tho, how can I do that? Where could I upload them to?

    I could put them on hightail or something and post the link to download them?

    Many thanks for your help I really appreciate it!

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