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    What would be your camera settings for a night city (NYC) shoot. Only available lighting ie street lights, signs, buildings, car headlights, etc.

    ISO, WB, Shutter speed, Picture style settings.

    Lenses are all old school Nikon glass with adapters:

    24mm 2.8
    50mm 1.4
    85mm 1.8

    and Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 for those wides.

    I usually keep mine:

    ISO 320
    WB Custom using a white balance cap on the lens
    Shutter 1/50
    Marvel Picture styles

    But the images come out super soft. Not clean or crisp at all. Plus while I find a wealth of good reviews of the Marvel Cine style, a couple of colorists say it's pretty terrible.

    Any help please?

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    Cinestyle requires a real colorist. This does not mean your friend with da vinci lite and definitely not your friend with magic bullet.

    This is cinestyle on a 60d with the 100mm macro 2.8 non-L and a real colorist.

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