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    Quote Originally Posted by Manicd View Post
    I'm working on a comparison of some of the patches.
    What are you using to test with ?

    Looking at the YouTube video you posted a link for, it does not appear that there is anywhere near enough detail to push these CODECs to their limits.

    Back when I owned a couple of GH2 cameras, I tested the patches and memory cards by filming very complex looping scenes from the FutureMark 3D gaming benchmark using a 1080p LCD graphics monitor. This test broke both GH2 patches and memory cards that could not keep up with the detail or could not maintain the high data-rate for long periods of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manicd View Post
    I'm working on a comparison of some of the patches. I recorded 16 so far (including stock 1.1)
    Here is some of it. Still have a lot work more editing to do. This one shows iso 640, but I also have 160, 1250, 2500, 6400, 12800...
    NICE. Very helpful.
    Looks like MOON T8 and THE END are the winners.
    I had heard about MOON...but never took the time to try it. I will now.

    People will often look at a test like this and think the differences are tiny and hardly matter. That's because no single test can tell the whole story.
    There's another area where extremely high bit-rate hacks make an ENORMOUS difference - RECOVERY.

    Shoot something with bright areas but also a lot of shadow areas first stock, then shoot ultra-high bit-rate.
    Now throw it in your NLE and add a color corrector and boost the gain of the shadows. BOOM the stock will be as noisy and crappy as you would expect...but the ultra-high bit-rate one will allow a significant boost of shadow gain before it breaks up.
    This is a huge difference and a difference that has very serious implications for the final outcome of your video image.

    Maybe sometime I'll shoot THAT test and put it up here.
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    My goal is to test for image preference and taste.
    I want to know which patch looks the best to my eyes and figured I would share my test.

    Although I screwed up. Moon T8 did not have a second light source turned on. So moon t8 is invaild. Which is easy to redo for my setup.
    To be honest I'm thinking of a different setup and method but not sure yet. I will probably redo the test.

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