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    First Time Adapter Test
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    So, I started working for a company that makes lens adapters this Spring. I also found an old Sears SLR kit at a Goodwill. The kit is actually a re-branded Pentax camera, and my company sells a Pentax to EOS adapter, so I took it for a spin with my T2i one evening this Summer. The two lenses I used were a Pentax 50 and a 28mm, and both could stop down pretty low. I can't remeber how low now, and they're both in storage now, so . . .

    The focus is a bit soft but I love having the smooth manual focus and F-stop at my disposal. Being able to adjust the f-stop via a ring on the lens is so nice. It's sad most lenses don't give you that option anymore.

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    I love to film...

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    Why don't you tell people you work for the company?

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