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    HMC150 Book Blowout Sale!
    Hey all, I'm overstock on The HMC150 Book. Originally listed at $69.95, I'm blowing them out at my Amazon store...


    (plus the option of free shipping in the USA if you order over $35 worth of stuff)

    To order, just click HERE to go to the product listing on Amazon. This price won't last forever, so -- if you want one, get it now!

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    Hi Barry,

    I ordered the HMC-150 book from Amazon on Friday and got the free 2-day shipping with my Amazon Prime account. I'd expected delivery Tuesday, but it arrived already on Monday!

    I've never owned a Panasonic camcorder before (Sony guy), but have been looking hard at the AC90 and have enjoyed reading your great posts on this site for some time now. An associate recently picked up an HMC-150 camera and he let me use it on a job. I found myself wishing I knew the camera better, so thought I'd pick up your book - can't go wrong for the price. I read most of the book last night and was thoroughly impressed. So much of the info would apply to video production in general that I would recommend the book to ANYONE working with HD video and/or AVCHD formats, even if they don't own the camera. Absolutely worth it as a resource.

    If I end up with an AC90 in the future, be assured that I would be happy to buy the AC90 book at full price, since I know it would be worth every cent.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing expertise with all of us, here on the forum and in your books.


    Jeff Pulera
    Digital Vision

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    Yeah it's a great book!

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    Thanks Jeff and firehawk! Glad you've found it helpful!

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    I'm thrilled to get this book, Barry. I've had my eye on it for over a year now and I just pulled the trigger on it (via your Amazon affiliate link). As a Prime user I hope to get it early next week.
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