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    Avid Media Composer + AG HPX 250 1080 AVC INTRA 100mbs 24p workflow advice please.
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    Hi all

    Having some issues getting footage into my current project - anyone know if it is possible to avoid transcoding to load ag hpx 250 footage into avid?

    Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or similar that could help me understand how to keep the highest possible quality if i do have to transcode to import to avid mc ?

    When I have attempted to AMA link my files i get an error on playback - 'Exception - Cannot Make the AMA Sample Mapper to play this clip.' I have installed the latest P2 Drivers from the Avid website to no avail.

    I would like to avoid having to use a third party encoder in order to use my footage, anyone able to let me know if this is possible ?

    Best wishes


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    MC supports AVCi and P2 except if you have an old MC version. You need to install the MXF AMA plug-in and the P2 AMA plug-in.
    If you don't find a solution try posting here:
    Sanjin Švajger

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