I think I got an idea, it's called "The Red Balloon" or whatever, if you guys can come up with a better one that'd be pretty cool.

Basically It's about a boy who is sad and one day while he is sitting alone at a park, an elderly man see's the depressed boy and gives him a red balloon (or the red balloon can come from nowhere and float down to the kid) the boy is uplifted by this and becomes closely attached to the balloon and acts like the balloon is his best friend. Now I'm coming along with the story as I type so there are two approaches I just thought of:

1. The boy could hold onto the balloon until adulthood until he's satisfied and let the balloon go to find another child to brightens their day.


2. The boy and his red balloon comes across girl with a blue balloon and they start playing and become best friends and eventually let the balloons go together and end the film on the balloons floating away.

So this is my idea. It'll be under 5 minutes, I think t'll be pretty easy to do, there's no dialogue either. You guys may suggest different approaches if you'd like.

Does this sound like a good idea?