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    This is kind of an old thread from back when the shock of the subscription still stung. I'm surprised to see it updated.

    I have not moved from PP CS6 because I don't have to yet, I'm faster on it than anything else, and I like it and always have. It's kind of like driving an older, paid off, car. There's a little joy in each month I DON'T pay the subscription but I think that day will come. I didn't really like MC7 that much.

    Smoke it the one I like the most but it's expensive and mac. Meanwhile, I'll totter along here on PP CS6 until that day comes when I have to fork over the first month but not until the last moment ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Postmaster View Post
    Premiere can read about any format full native in realtime, without any transcoding, no rendering whatsoever - just pull it in the timeline and start working.
    Dynamic link between PP, AE, Audition and all other Adobe apps without extra rendering.
    Keyboard editing/shortcuts are exactly the same in PP and AVID.

    Avid is IMHO 10 years behind, and will fade away with the last generation of editors, that learned on Avid.
    As soon as they investments run out, a lot of post houses are jumping the Avid ship already.
    I see already more and more PP and FCPx seats being bought.

    That's exactly what I'm started to think lately. I started learning Avid and I loved it, BUT, all the offline-online workflow it's just horrible.
    Why Avid isn't doing anything about this? I don't think Avid users are happy to work this way. Who wants to waste time transcoding, linking, re-linking, then when new footage comes in transcoding again, re-linking... oh my!
    Too bad, I would stick to Avid but I'm seriously considering an alternative - and I'm not a big fan of Premiere :/

    And if I'll buy the A7s, goodbye Avid (no way I'm going to convert with another app to transcode offline, to re-link, to edit, to re-link again, to export, to re-do any of the above steps if any changes happens!)

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