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    What's your favorite custom preset, and why?
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    I know I should probably be posting this in the custom presets sticky, but there are so few XH-A1 posts made at all these days, I figured I'd drop this here.

    This camera has been out for the better part of seven years, and I know it's gotten a lot of love. I still use mine regularly.

    My question: what presets do you XH-A1 users enjoy and use the most, and why?

    My go-to preset is typically TruColor, but I've also used PFVision in low-light situations. Both have pros and cons. TruColor is just a little too dark for me, and I find myself having to frequently enhance shadows or raise gain in post. PFVision solves that problem, but it sometimes causes a blurry/fuzzy look that I'm not very happy with.

    Feel free to share your experiences. What do you use?

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    Hi jthabel,

    Two words about XH-A1 Presets:

    1 - Using a XH-A1 to transfer old Super8 Kodachrome films, after a lot of tests, I got my best results with a "no-preset" option, putting only KNEE to "Low" and BLK to "Stretch".
    Some clips on Vimeo:

    2 - For common use in 25F mode, Guillaume Cottin's "DynaFlat" preset is very pleasant ("DynaISO" if you want more gain... but "gain is grain"!).- These presets were described on this page of a French (sorry) forum, in February 2012:

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