Panasonic shows new field uses of ITs HD micro cameras for professional solutions at IBC131MOS GP-KH232E and 3MOS GP-US932X micro cameras are excellent for POV shooting of nature documentaries and sports events

Amsterdam. 13 September 2013
Panasonic Professional Camera Solutions presents new field uses for its HD micro cameras, the GP-KH232E and GP-US932X. With their compact size and versatility, the micro cameras are well suited to capture scenes from a unique and immersive point-of-view perspective in a wide range of field settings. At IBC, Panasonic will be demonstrating two possible field applications for broadcasting with a nature and sports scene.
The GP-KH232E 1MOS HD micro camera will be presented in POV type of shooting for nature/outdoor. At the Panasonic IBC booth, a grassland setting will be on display with the HD micro camera concealed in small animal replicas to mimic a real-life camera set-up used for filming nature documentaries. The new GP-KH232E camera, consisting of the Remote Head and the Camera Control Unit, is ultra compact and has a single chip CMOS for high image quality. Digital Signal Processing allows for the HD camera head to be very small and have a standard CMount type lens interface. This Panasonic HD micro camera supports multiple video formats achieving a horizontal resolution of 900 TV Lines, with a required illumination of 2000lx at F5.6. Electronic Shutter, Gain Control, Scene File, and White Balance Control are all featured on the GP-KH232E. The HD micro camera supports a head-CCU cable range from 2m to 15m, and its compact CCU can output video via HDSDI, Component/RGB and HDMI, as well as supports almost every type of video monitor.
The Panasonic GP-US932X 3MOS HD micro camera will be on display at IBC in a POV type of shooting for sports. With its small size, reliability and high picture quality, the 3MOS micro camera is great for POV filming from places like the end of a pole jumping pole, the top of a hurdle or the handlebar of a BMX. At IBC, a BMX set-up will be demonstrated. Thanks to the newest CMOS technology, the GP-US932X delivers HD quality with one of the smallest remote 3MOS camera heads. By using micro prism technology for RGB colour separation, the camera offers superior colour depth and reproduction. With this HD micro camera, the video signal is already fully digitised at the head and recordings can be made in many different video formats (HD/SD/digital/ analogue). The GP-US932X features an outstanding performance of 1000 TV Lines resolution and an impressive light sensitivity of 2000lx at F12 (with binning mode enabled). Other functions offered by this micro camera are image rotation and mirroring options, three pre-sets including colour temperatures, freeze picture, 2.5x electronic zoom, 12-axis colour matrix and frequency-depending detail enhancement.
The 1MOS and 3MOS HD micro cameras can serve in other types of POV field settings than those presented at IBC as well. Panasonic HD micro cameras have already proven their worth in medical (OR, microscopy and dental practices), industrial (quality control, inspection) and live science (research facilities, laboratories) applications. The flexible range of Panasonic micro cameras, including the GP-KH232E and PG-US932X, can be purchased in full or as individual components in OEM state to suit custom needs.
The GP-KH232E 1MOS micro camera is available for purchase and has a RRP of €2,480 (excl. VAT) for the GP-KH232CSE CCU box, €1,920 (excl. VAT) for the GP-KH232HE camera head and € 580 (excl. VAT) for the GP-KC23206/V 6m camera cable.
The GP-US932X 3MOS micro camera is available for purchase and has a RRP of €4,390 (excl. VAT) for the GP-US932CSXE CCU box, €3,640 (excl. VAT) for the GP-US932HXE camera head and € 860 (excl. VAT) for the GP-CA932/6E 6m camera cable.
Panasonic invites you to come discover the HD micro camera’s new POV applications for broadcasting at its IBC booth, #9.C45, from 13 till 17 September. Alternatively, please visit: