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    The opening dialog turned me off, because why would there be kids there? And the one excuse made me groan. I don't think it would've if we would've seen the mother and the family dynamic before this scene, but we didn't so all we have is the excuse. That's what makes shorts hard, you don't have the time to fight off that disbelieve. The DVX thing made me laugh. That sure is a long piss scene. Where did the premonition talk come from? I love when people find great locations. You didn't reach the 10 minute mark, but it still felt like things were missing. What was he swearing, to not tell? The kids dialog or maybe it was the delivery kind of bugged me. I loved the ambition with this one. Good job.
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    I enjoyed it! It had some fun movements and some nice camerawork with the wide angle lens on steadicam.
    I think the major part it suffered was the acting on the teen parts.... and jeez the pissing scene was freaking awkward lol
    One little nitpick (probably youtube’s fault), but the color wasn’t consistent between shots. One shot the screen would be tinted green, the next, purple.

    Final note, a worthy effort and I appreciate the outcome!

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    Some great shots and staging. Great steadi cam.
    Performances uneven and some dialogue a little stiff.
    Like the silhouette backlit shots walking into the cave.
    Great slo mo werwolf silhouette in the cave in trance.
    Like the extreme wide angle lens to discover the bodies.
    Like the birdseye when there surrounded.
    The day for night and the makeup looks pretty good.
    The slowmo eating really works too - great visual, staging and sound design.
    Some of these tracking shots in the cave with the warm green moss and cool walls are great.
    The warm flashlights look great with the cool walls too.
    Great shot when the kid turns around and he’s face to face with the older werwolf.
    Like how you get the blood to pop even in the cool tones.
    Good subtle pale makeup on the blond wolf kid - works great with the lighting.

    Not 100% on the story - did they bring these folks out here to turn them also? Do they try to lock themselves up in the mines on full moons but things went wrong?

    Your art direction, camera movement, cinematography - all working well for you. Color palette especially nice.

    Nice work!

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    Ah... WOLF TREE!

    This film is a very interesting mix of far range inconsistencies (which hey... isn't necessarily a bad thing on the way towards GREATNESS hehe!)

    The effort employed on the cinematography is admirable, and the mid shots in particular are very attractive. The wide shows are dominated by pans / and tracks and so forth - I dunno.

    When you have the beauty of this natural environment, we never get the opportunity to take in its majesty or grandeur which would have really placed these characters as the tiny insects they are in this great place.

    The constant movement on the wides almost gave it a kind of television looks (for a moment it actually reminded me of the Asylum productions!)

    Then we get to the PEEING SCENE! Wow... that (and the dvx placement) was a little overkill. But the peeing scene was hilarious, the longing looks... the batting eyelashes... the constant glances between father and son... their furtive members twitching in the forest... peeing... peeeeeing....

    for some 10 minutes. Dad is just a little too curious about his sons penis... don't you think?

    The slow mos in general DO NOT WORK imo in this film. From the peeing to the scenes where they look around themselves at the monsters. The repetition of sound effects combined with the slow mo (like the peeing scene) brings an unintended level of humour imo.

    That said, the make up - effort, and the scenes that take place inside the cave with the boys - is a marked improvement! Now... what if the story had moved THERE faster... so that the action comprised of their life and death struggle to escape a mine pursued by these nightmares!

    Instead we get the awkward lines between the boys... "I'M NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM?" - what a 13 year old Bon Jovi? Of course not? We don't need to know this... you've give us MONSTERS!


    So... a lot of great ideas - beautiful mid shots, awkward wides... great monsters... awkward slow mo action scenes... A real mix - I wonder if this is not a film that genuinely might not improve 300% through another editors perspective.
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    Hey JDS and Lawrie,

    Thank you so much! I thoroughly enjoyed the review/feedback. There is hardly anything that I would disagree with. I sincerely appreciate the time you guys took to watch and give great constructive feedback! It was fun to make the film even in its current unfinished condition. I haven't really thought about it much in months. I had a great many trials in making it, but I am happy to have taken my first honest stab at horror.

    @ Lawrie--

    Just some quick responses to each thing you mentioned...

    --Thanks about the cinematography. I actually had a DP that dropped out on me and I just did the best I could, mostly on my trusty Glidecam. Definitely too many wide pans. I agree that I could've done more with the environment but as it is probably painfully obvious, much of my shoot was glorified "run-n-gun" and I didn't have much time to indulge my inner Mallick.

    --Ah yes, the PEEING scene. Haha, at least a few people had some biting laughs from it. I know it's awkward as hell, which was my intention. Very over the top for sure. I actually shouldn't have added the scene because it was a pick up scene I shot late October and in general it was a silly, hurried edit. I hope to find some editing help, and yeah, I could really use an objective eye. Basically, the gist of it is that the werewolf father and son were actually marking territory and signalling/foreshadowing a ritual kill for the rest of the "pack." It's super ridiculous but there's actually a lot of material that I didn't address that might sell what I was suggesting. We'll see.

    --Yeah, the mine is pretty cool, but holy cow was it a nightmare to shoot in! Complete darkness everywhere and a persistent cold wind shaft-breeze that made it really tough to just think straight after a few hours. Grabbing LED lights to just go and find equipment all the time...whoa, it was tough on both the crew and the kids. Yes, the blonde kid was the main performance issue but I have to have some compassion for the misery he was going through in that scene.

    I do love your suggestion about making more of the film about a nightmare chase inside the mine. Obviously I didn't sell the kryptonite-like effect the silver mine had on the werwolves all that well.

    --I think some of the slomo works, but probably much less of it in a much tighter edit. And of course with finished FX on the fangs, etc would've helped. It's unintentionally funny that they look like "Deliverance" hillbilly werewolves. Haha

    Again, thank you so much for the thoughtful criticism. It's given me some inspiration to see what can be done with a much better editor than myself!



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