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    Archiving P2 Footage
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    I have a few thousand clips spread over a few drives, many double and triple.
    I want to delete those clips I have multiple but it is hard to find them.
    So I wanted to open them up and put them all into groups.
    I found 2 ways: 1. use FCP 7 "Log and transfer" and once in the bin, Batch export them as DVCPRO 720/24p.
    This really takes a long time. Currently I am using Mountain Lion on the Mac, but I found a ver. of P2CMS which work.... open to view, but can not make the ingest work (I enabled it as a trial-the Ingest Button is not greyed out anymore-but I can not make it to start ingesting)
    So I went back to Snow Leopard, there I have an other copy of P2CMS where I can open/ingest the media. It creates individual folders of each clip with an mxf file in. Again, I have to click, click and click to view the file.
    Would I have an other option? Like transcode to DVCPRO in Final Cut, but a bit faster?


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    Nobody has responded to this yet?

    I'd like to delete unused P2 clips and only keep certain ones.... how do you go about doing that off the HDD?
    My work can be seen at I am always looking to collaborate, or find more work - so anyone in the L.A. area who needs another hand - look me up!

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