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    7D footage got me a feature film deal !
    Hi DVX

    Thought you would appreciate some footage that we can proudly attribute to the Canon 7D!

    Let me put it this way, the 7D and the access it gave us to people and places was truly unique.
    We would never have been able to go with a conventional camera and although we can all agree
    on the shortcomings, this is one powerful machine in your hands!

    The Trailer is a cut from research footage from various trips to Palestine and Israel. Some footage
    is cut from the father of the family's camera, a very old Sony handy cam in which we have amazing
    access to all his compelling rushes.


    The footage got shown to our investors and now production partners, Corniche Pictures, responsible
    for some amazing documentaries and feature films. We then developed the documentary further
    alongside them, using their contacts and now we are in the position to share and promote the
    pre production of the film, looking to secure the last funding.

    Have a look at the campaign page and follow us for updates! These DSLRs have really paved the
    way for documentary and low budget filmmakers.

    Enjoy, tell me what you think or if you have any questions about the film or development.

    Research Gear:
    Canon 7D
    Canon 10-25mm F3.5
    Canon 17 - 85 F4.5
    Canon 60mm F2.8
    Canon 70-200mm F2.8
    GoPro x2
    Rode Shotgun

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    Very cool, congrats!

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    Awesome, good job!

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    Well done!
    Bea Schreiber
    Blinking Dog Productions

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    Thanks guys! Glad you are enjoying it. Share some of your own 7D stuff, i'd love to see it. I'm uploading some additional footage, a pretty epic interview with an Ex military solider from the Israeli Defense Force, part two will be up at 6pm GMT but here is the Part 1

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