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    It was a really delicious day of writing. I spent it adding a few scenes to my feature Sandy Beach. I wanted to pump up the dark side of the story, and my husband praised me with compliments after reading so I feel really good about it! Still, I will revisit the scenes later tomorrow. It's good to sit on it for a bit and then read it again in context with the other scenes so I can match the tone. I feel a need to emphasize the theme more in the next rewrite and then find someone else, other than my man, that I trust to send it to. Any Volunteers?

    I tried to cut out some of the budget today too, but wasn't so successful with that. Has anyone approached businesses or sponsors for funding a feature or event? If you have, contact me. I would love to discuss...

    Bea Schreiber
    CEO - Blinking Dog Productions LLC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bea Schreiber View Post
    I feel a need to emphasize the theme more in the next rewrite
    How are you working theme into the story? What techniques do you use?

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