Film Production graduate selling this beautiful DVX! This is a package and includes all the necessities to film and capture DV tape. I bought this camera for college and recently graduated so I will be looking for a HD camera now. It produces some amazing footage. Thoroughly enjoyed using this camera! All of the equipment was gently used and still in GREAT condition. I have had a UV protector on the lens since I got it so there are absolutely no scratches or damages to the lens.

The package includes:

DVX100b with 183 head hours (can take a picture for proof)
All controls, functions WORK. LCD screen is still perfect!
Lens cap
Lens Protector
2 Batteries
Battery Charger
AC Charger with Cable
Opteka Fish Eye HD Adapter 0.4x 72mm (case included) with MINOR speck scratches. Ordered from BH photo and video website.
TIFFEN UV protector 72mm
Hoya Polarizing filter 72mm
Head cleaner tape
Camera Strap
Low end tripod (not the best, but gets the job done!)
Tripod plate


I'm asking $1,000 for everything including shipping obo. Message me with any questions!