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    DVXFest veteran's IndieGogo ending soon...
    Hey guys, we don't normally post about crowdfunding here because -- well, obviously, because everyone has a crowdfunding project and we'd be overrun.

    I'm making a small exception here just because of the circumstances. Those who have been around a while will remember "TheComo", Robbie Comeau. He started out here as a kid with a million questions, who sometimes drove us a tad nuts, but he worked hard and really surprised us in some of the DVXFests. I remember one fest being really impressed with just how much he'd grown his skills.

    Robbie let me know of a little IndieGogo campaign he's running to raise money for a short.

    The reasons I'm bringing it up are simple:
    1) He's painfully close to the goal, just another C$240 away from it
    2) It's almost over, there's just 66 hours to go.
    3) Robbie's managed to pull in another DVXUser moderator, Kegan Sant, as producer
    4) I figured a lot of our veterans would remember The Como and might want to see what he's up to now

    I don't know anything about the film, I can't endorse it directly, I'm just bringing it to your attention so that if you're a fan of TheComo or just want to help a couple of DVXUsers out, here's one potential way.

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    Como's back. back again Robbie Comeau's Avatar
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    Thank you so much Barry! I appreciate the help from you, and anyone else who might contribute or share the link!

    I believe in this project and feel its going to be one of my best!
    Rob Comeau - Film Director (film) (film)
    Message me to check out my films!

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    Wish I were banned. Drew Ott's Avatar
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    Congrats on hitting the goal Robbie. Your persistence is going to set you apart.
    "You'd better cure all those personal problems that might be holding back something you want to say." -John Cassavetes

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    Spam Assassin Mod Kegan's Avatar
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    Awesome Barry. Yeah, Robbie's come a long way and I jumped in to produce because I enjoyed the script. Low budget affair but I believe in his vision and any of you who remember him, will admire the drive that he's are the last two I produced for Robbie:



    $230 more and he's at his updated goal!
    "I dream for a living" - Steven Spielberg

    IMDb Page

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    good luck! I still remember that kangaroo like creature I made for one of your fest films (questfest)!
    Iņaki Lauzirika
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