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    DIY DSLR rig made from a pair of crutches
    I have been lurking here for awhile, and yesterday I took the jump. This is my first attempt. Comments and criticism welcomed. I am making a matte box next.

    Thanks for the inspiration all.

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    capecod ma,
    pretty creative, Why does it come out so far in the front though? Also I would be careful as to how much weight you put on the cams hot shoe, that c-clamp looks heavy. None the less, it's a cool build. And if you happen to get hurt while filming, you can put it back together to help yourself walk around.

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    I have not cut the rails to size yet. I was trying to figure out the balance on it, and I can move the camera forward to mount the matte box. I also need to play with it a little to decide if the handles are placed right. Once I put a viewfinder and matte box on, I will have a clearer picture. The c clamp in the hotshoe is an aluminum c clamp and is very light. I am using it for my sound solution right now, but will probably work out a better solution.

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