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    After launching 4 cameras in the Cinema line up, this year should be the year of consolidation. So no new cameras in the Cinema line up was announced at NAB.

    Canon is committed to its Cinema line. Remember the firmware updates announced for C300 is as far as Oct 2013. That should give an indication that Canon is committed to developing the present Cinema cameras. However, expectations of people in the forums is that C300 should have been retired by that time. Consumers are taking a longer time to warm up/ adopt/buy these cameras. It should make sense for the companies to provide firmware upgradations to these cameras rather than releasing a new version immediately.

    I have been told by a Canon official earlier that Canon want to have products for both the high resolution (read 4K) as well as the 1080p markets. If the market really moves to 4K, then they have the C500 and the 1DC. And for the 1080p market they have the C300 and C100.

    Canon had designed the C300 keeping Hollywood in mind. From the initial pitch in Nov 2011, I had a feeling that they never thought about documentary shooting with the C300. So they had not provided any kind of "auto" function. Those "push button AF" and AWB were in the C100 as it was aimed at the lower end of the market and was branded as video camera though it was part of the Cinema line up. However, Canon now has realised that based on the usage of the C300, these auto functions will be needed by people. So the firmware updates. Canon is also providing a new shooting mode with the 35Mbps 1440x1080. The present cameras have 25 Mbps 1440x1080.

    I hope Canon is working on our other demands. I am sure they have taken note of the developments in the market namely low priced 4K cameras, high frame rates etc.

    Personally a big irritant for me is that the microphone holder doesn't hold the 19mm dia microphones. Not sure how others are using. My assistant holds the microphone like a boom operator.
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