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    Quote Originally Posted by Patryk_Rebisz View Post
    It's true of everything: it was supposed to be one way but turned out totally opposite. The internet was suppose to make us all smarter and well informed because of access to information but in turn made us even more dependent on advertising to tell us what's good out there and made up repetitors of over-heard trivia. The cheap cameras were supposed to make next Rembrandt out of all of us but in turn only created a field where we watch test videos and gear review rather then quality art. As a matter of fact artistic quality probably decreased because now that everyone can get a sliding hot makes that shot less meaningful then when say you had to set up cumbersome dolly. Moreover specifically because everyone can get a sliding shot then that shot in turn has lost its meaning and if someone is doing a sliding shot with a purpose then it disappears into totally obscurity of irrelevance.

    Cheap gear influences the culture. The producers aren't stupid. If you can get "good enough" for cheap than why spend serious $$? And in turn why pay top $$ for that "good enough"? On top of that the clients for the most part are uninformed so for them the "good enough" is actually "fantastic" so again why pay top $$ for "better quality" if this is "fantastic" already?

    Cheap gear allows us to shoot more, but more of what? Are we more relevant as a culture than we were say 10 years ago? Are better films being made? Is that Coppola's dream of some little girl making being next Mozart realized?

    I am of the opinion the Lena Dunham's rise to fame pretty much validates the "How" of Coppola's assertion, in that her first film was made possible by the low cost/high quality technology available today ("Tiny Furniture" was shot with a 7D). I am not wholly satisfied that Ms. Dunham's success satisfies the "What" part of Coppola's quote; that content of significance will be produced. I have high hopes that "Upstream Color" may fit that bill. However, I think that Shane Carruth is a filmmaker who is obviously taking advantage of low cost/high quality gear but I think that he would still tell stories on his own terms whether the "DSLR Revolution" had happened or not. I think that FFC may have set the bar a tad high predicting a "...New Mozart...". Maybe with the state of our culture it might be a stretch to expect anything more than the next Hans Zimmer or a new Yanni...!
    "The enemy of art is the absence of limitations"
    -Orson Wells.

    "To me the great hope is... people that normally wouldn't be making movies will make them and suddenly some little fat girl in Ohio will be the new Mozart and will make a beautiful film using her father's camera-corder and the "Professionalism" of movie making will be destroyed forever and it will finally become an art form."
    -Francis Ford Coppola.

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    Due to my NAB visit the next on the list for me will be Kino celebs 200/400 to minimize traditional Kino tube inventory and the Arri L7Cs and Mole's LED Tweenie and Baby.

    Dont care for the HEX units or the Hive ones at all. Looks like an engineer designed them.

    Touching on the previous, ill loose my ass on everything as people go without lighting out of ignorance.

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