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    Quote Originally Posted by RatLabProductions View Post
    Based on what have you drawn that conclusion? I'd say most peoples dislike for Jim (including mine) is the way he conducts himself and his business. Lot of examples out there of Jim throwing a tantrum and rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

    I like what RED has done and I do like their cameras but I don't buy into the cult of personality Jim has set up for himself and his fanboys. Between that and the teenage faux military language I can't help but roll my eyes.
    I won't comment part of the content of your post other than the fact I know these two guys -- one for 8 years, the other one for 6 years and it is very unfair this deficit of evaluation when I know the way they've always behaved with me. Period.

    Moreover, I have no idea where you and others were when they both were attacked by haters, either 'cause of their position in the film business (in danger with this project) or envy 'cause some webmaster was extending his career beyond and a rich guy -- rather than to buy all the chicks he wanted :P they were with ideas to enter in this business instead, crossing the door of the democratization of the celluloid regime. And helping others on the way. Listen, I know a lot of people with their lives changed along this process, got it? ;-)

    But I know where I was ; ) Putting my reservations in the right hands when nonsayers tried to delay the "revolutionaries" for some reason. And publicly bashing them, playing the dirty game to call RED a scam, discrediting them as much as possible in the vain attempt to conduct the rebels to failure. As well, the early adopters and first customers, such as this guy writing these lines here.

    There is a backstory behind important to tell. This didn't come up from nowhere. Facts will not cease to exist because we are not aware of its occurrence in the time : )

    Last part not least, I wrote "another truth is part of the hate", so I guess these words say enough.

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    Sorry to burst your bubble on this, but it was certainly the real deal. Of course the motivation behind this was marketing, but rest assured they took great lengths building that booth to be 100 percent operational.

    Quote Originally Posted by ELN614 View Post
    That clean room was just a bunch of window dressing. I watched the guy for 10 minutes flip the camera over and over and 'inspect' the exterior. he puts it down and picks it up and does the same thing.
    my 2 cents

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