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    Can someone check out Tilta & Lanparte?
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    So I really like the Tilta baseplate & even blogged about it.

    I got mine from Team Tilta which was run through Switronix (or partnered with, or some type of relationship...). Well Team Tilta was out of stock of the baseplates for about two months & multiple times they said they were getting more in stock within a few days. Their website has been down for over a month now & no one has responded when I've tried to contact them. So I'm guessing that experiment is done with.

    Lanparte now has a similar baseplate (about 99% the same design) (see here at ozirig).

    I'm wondering if anyone is going to, or can stop by the booths for Tilta & LanParte & compare the baseplates. Then report back. How do the baseplates compare. Any updates on US dealers?

    Possibly even stop by Switronix & see if anyone can say anything about Team Tilta (I had a couple e-mails with Ross Kanarek from Switronix, when I first got set up with Team Tilta, so if he is there, he might be able to comment).


    According to all are in the Central Hall. Tilta / LanParte - far South East corner. Switronix - East side.

    Hong Kong Lanparte Technology Limited
    Booth: C12448

    Tilta Technology Co., Ltd
    Booth: C12345

    Switronix, Inc.
    Booth: C11728
    Where are all the S-VHS hipsters?

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    We're just waiting on some new lighting equipment to arrive early next week so we can remake our studio and pump out some videos + photos of the gear.
    Is there anything in particular you wanted to see/know about the LPT gear??

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