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    Audio Sync issues with Canon t2i.
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    I work in a broadcast media studio and recently we purchased a Canon T2I to use for interviews and other production shoots. Most of our output is to DVD and the web and the sync is fine. But we also will output to 4 projectors through a Ross video switcher. This is where we are running into our sync. We use Propresenter 5 by renewed vision to output our graphics and videos over the video walls and screens. Our output settings on the camera is 1280 by 720 30fps. Our computer is Mac Pro using a blackmagic SDI card.
    Any thoughts on why we are experiencing this phenomenon? We also purchase and download videos produced by other video makers and their products run fine though this set up. So its on our end.

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    Are you using the live output from the camera to your projection system?

    Canon DSLRs are well-known and well-documented to have audio sync issues. The sound is always 1-2 frames off from picture on the recorded media.
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