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    "The House" Horror/Psychological Thriller
    The House is a short film about a young man losing his sanity, he starts to hear voices inside his house and must resist the urge to kill. Post-Production was a nightmare, I originally teamed up with another film maker and we completed post-production together. Then we ran into a brick wall with our partnership and had to go different ways forcing me to come up with a new script that was an adaptation of our original idea. I wanted to act ethically so I only used my ideas I pitched in and had to recreate the rest. Luckily my Associate Producer Kyran Ford hooked up me up with writer Chris Keaton and we come up with a good script. Luckily I had a family member who helped with the funding, because my original partner was also the Exec Producer who was going to take care of most of the funds. It took 4 days to film, the whole time me and one of the cast members had a terrible flue but we pushed through it everyday. Post went smoothly thanks to my Associate Producer, I had the pleasure of having Francesco Leonardis score the film, I was very impressed with his work and I recommend him to anyone doing a horror or suspense film. Currently I have this film submitted to three festivals, but it was mainly for practice (this is my second narrative film ever). It was a fun experience and I hope people can enjoy this! Below is the full film, trailer and movie poster.

    Full Film



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    Hey looks good, very intense!
    Drone Pilot at Drone Trilogy

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    Great photos! Thanks for watching!

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    thanx for Kind words ..It was a pleasure work for you

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