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    Fcp 7 help!
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    This is urgent guys. My old iMac crashed on me, and that had a firewire port so I could capture my HDV video.

    On my new iMac, it has NO firewire 400 port. Only thunderbolt, and firewire 800.

    I bought a firewire 800 cable that can plug into my Sony Tape Deck. The problem is that Final cut can no longer recognize the deck...

    I tried it with my thunderbolt cable to. (Thunderbolt, to the Firewire 800, to the deck) and still nothing.

    I didn't find any connections in Premiere either.

    Is it because the deck is old? What are my options to get the HDV footage onto my computer?

    Thanks to anyone who can help ASAP.

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    the cable you bought is a 6pin to 9pin and not a 4pin to 9pin right?

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