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    Audio corrupting on random shoots!?!?!
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    Hey guys, I signed up for this forum for help on a very frustrating issue I am having. I work for a local news station, so I shoot several stories a day. I am shooting on a Panasonic HPX500, and obviously using P2 cards.

    I shot for probably 8 months with no issues at all. Then all the sudden, I went to put one of my stories in the computer, and there was no audio with the clips at all! Everything I had shot earlier that day was fine, and everything I shot after that was fine. It had just corrupted all the clips from this one shoot!

    We use Edius at the station for editing, and the way we ingest video is we put the P2 in a reader attached to the computer, select all the clips on the card we want to ingest, drag them to the timeline, and export the entire system into the folder we are working out of for that day of the week. All that to say, when this....problem....occurs, and I drag the clips to the timeline, it only brings down video. The video is still usable, but the audio is nowhere to be found and cannot be recovered. When I put the card in the camera and view the clips in there, the affected clips have an "x" at the top of each thumbnail, and the camera will not play the clip at all, not even just the video.

    This has happened to me on 5 different P2 cards now, and 2 different cameras. It happens sporadically and I have never been able to make it happen on purpose. I will shoot 3 stories with no problem, then the 4th is messed up, then the 5th is fine, etc. There is NO WAY it is operator error. Even if I forgot to turn on my wireless mic, I would still have my shotgun channel, and of course the camera wouldn't show x's on the bad clips. Something is nuts and it makes my day even more stressful than it already is.

    I really need someone to say "Ya, that happened to me, and this is how it got fixed." Panasonic told me to send the camera in to have it looked at, but of course my boss probably won't do that because that would leave me and another photog "camera-less". If anybody has experienced this or has any ideas, I would be forever grateful. I am at my whits end.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Is it possible that you've been changing the frame rate? If you're shooting 720/24pN, and the frame rate is anything other than "default", then no audio will be recorded at all, regardless of the settings of the audio switches, etc.

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