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    REPORTING POSTS: How you can help DVXuser
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    We do our best to keep this site organized, clean of spam, etc.
    But, as much as we wish we could be everywhere at once, it just isn't possible.

    So - what can you do to help?
    The best way to help out the moderators is to let us know when you see something out of place.

    You can do that by using the 'Report Post' function.

    Where is the Report Post tool?

    It is the blue icon in the upper righthand corner of every post.
    Just click on the icon and you'll be taken to a form where you can include a private message to the moderators.


    What happens when I report a post?

    The message you submit will be sent to the site moderators along with a link to the post you are reporting.
    Post reporting is not made public.

    After a post is reported, moderators will look into it and decide how to deal with the situation.

    When should I report a post?

    Situations where you should report a post:

    • Spam.
    • Suspected scam.
    • Cross posted threads / threads in the wrong forum.
    • Posts making personal attacks.
    • Any other posts that are outside the forum guidelines.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Forum guidelines link is broken.
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