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    Sound Effects Help - Projector/Film break
    I am trying to piece together an unfinished movie of a colleague of mine who passed away mid-production. I have to be creative with the footage and have decided to fake a break in the film which will then lead us into the final footage. Basically, we have the beginning and the end, but the finale of the film partially shot. So I can do a creative fake out where we hear bits and pieces of the audio and see bits and pieces of the footage but then we come back to the "un-damaged" portion of the movie and we finish it out.

    What I am trying to find is that sound effect when the audio stops and the film tears, and then there's just a bunch of weird mechanical noises mixed up with the random audio of the film. Mainly that initial BREAK when the film's audio strip is torn and there is that distinct POPPING noise. I've searched a couple of libraries already to know avail. Thought I'd throw it out here to you guys to see what you could come up with.

    Thank you!


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    there is probably nothing stock that will do this. You'll need to get creative and pull different sounds that will work from different libraries and layer it all together. It's been done before, and that's usually what sound effects editors do.
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    Already working on it. Found two different sfx here and am now putting them together.

    Thanks, man.

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    And for the record I think the sound your describing was a created one anyway. Film doesn't tear like that and it would be the optical track you would be hearing (the digital just goes dead if the data stream has errors). So I suspect what you are thinking of is something created by a designer.

    Video can get broken up, though usually you only get that in a stream that gets wonky.

    Anyway point is you probably wont find "that" effect but have fun and make one that fit's your needs.

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