I am selling a HPX500 in Excellent Plus condition. With it goes two 32g E P2 cards with light use.

Also in the package are two lenses.

Fujinon A13x6.3 BERM SD 1:2 / .3-162mm 2x
Fujinon A18x9 BERM - 28 SD 1:1.8 / 9-162mm 2x

both the lenses are used but in good condition.

The mounting plate and a New Porta-Brace camera bag go with this.

PM me or 2reid@comcast.net will work. I am looking for $6,200 or so at this point.

Thanks all. (ps I'll move this to the For Sale forum if need be. but want to catch the eye of anyone needing second camera.)

Washington DC area