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    old and new p2 cards
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    Hi !
    I think I need some advice about workflow with p2 cards newer than mines.
    I shoot with an HPX171 and 2 R-series 32 G cards. I import rushes directly from the camera through Raymaker software converting into AVIs, then open them with Vegas Pro 9.0.
    Sometimes I dump footage into a 160 G La Cie Rugged, sometimes into a AJ-PCS060G. I'm sure I could do the same flow in an easier way, but it normally works fine like this.

    Question is: if a buy a new card (e.g. a 64 G F-series), can I do the same flow flawlessly, swapping the old cards and the new ones over my dumping devices? In other words: can I use them together?
    Will I have to change softwares, versions, drivers, etc ?

    Thanx for any suggestion.


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    Makes no difference....just format the cards in the camera and you are good to go

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