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    Help! Weird Scrolling Lines Banding Issue?!?
    Has anyone seen this before? I was shooting a concert and the team that I was shooting for wanted the footage in 1080/24p. I typically only usually shoot in 30. Well I noticed when I laid my camera on my chest that in the darker areas of the video I had this strange issue with a bunch of horizonal lines scrolling up through my image. I thought may be my viewfinder was being fishy until I saw this on the video later. There was a pretty random mixture of lights on this state, some LED panels, HMI's, Halogens, etc. I thought it may be electrical interference from the lights. I shot it at 1/60 1/94.something or other from Magic Lantern and 1/120 and every time I tested it with a different shutter or ISO the banding reacted differently. It would either make the bands thicker, thinner or speed up / slow down the rate at which they scrolled by.

    Link to a very short example here:

    Thanks for your help guys!

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    Yes, it looks like a fight between your shutter speed and the lighting. While keeping it at 1/60 should, for the most part, keep this from happening, some LED lights - especially ones that are dimmable - cannot be tamed no matter what.
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    I just did a video tutorial, explaining this and also explaining how you can fix this.
    If you are in the US the same concept applies but with 60Hz and in Japan its also different (i think?)

    (im sorry for my bad english)

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